Private Label

At first glance, contract and private label manufacturing may seem somewhat alike. Both are methods that brands can use to accomplish their packaging needs. However, a private label option typically offers customers a pre-established line of packaging solution, using its own products or formulations. While the final product is packaged under the customer's name, the private label manufacturer retains the rights to the formulation.

Contract manufacturing, on the other hand, is more customizable. Manufacturers work with the customer's formulation specifications and can assist in determining a packaging solution to suit the product type. Under these circumstances, the customer always retains the rights to the product formulation. If your formula is proprietary, it is best to work with a contract manufacturer to ensure the integrity of your product and brand.

LB Packaging provides all the above options. We supply wholesalers and retailers of specialty oils, cosmetics, and skin care products with our tried-and-true bases to select from such as oil, lotion, cream, shampoo and more. Looking for a frustration-fee solution? Simply add your choice of an ingredient or more to one of our bases to easily create a unique product, all while avoiding the hassle of developing an item from scratch. If you are considering a more tailored formulation with custom packaging, LB Packaging can help you identify resourceful and creative ways to deliver an exceptional product that is sure to make a great impression with your customers.