Stressed out from trying to fill cosmetic or personal care products on your own? Are your packaging needs exceeding your bottling vendor’s capacity to keep up with growing demands? No need to make a big mess, try to finance new equipment and create more work for yourself. LB Packaging offers a variety of filling systems that utilize advanced technology to combine speed and accuracy in achieving efficient turnaround times for your bottling project.

Dealing with the hassle of filling multiple product types and sizes? Our product packaging line accommodates containers from the smallest 1/4 oz. on up to one gallon. We work with an array of cosmetic and personal care products, including but not limited to:

  • Lotions, Creams and Butters
  • Oils and Serums
  • Salves and Balms
  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Body Wash/Shower Gel
  • Fragrances or Essential Oils

Our facility is FDA registered and GMP compliant to ensure the highest quality of finished products. We offer the lowest MOQ in the packaging industry, yet our scope of operations allows us the flexibility to scale business as demand for your products increase. Let the expertise of our dedicated staff help bring your products to life!